Stop The Leaky Gut -Day 2

God help me.  I got 20 more days and 60 more letters and health issues.  How does one blog and write 3 letters a day?  I don’t really care.

Start: Cucumber, celery, green apple juice, a banana, walnuts

Mid-day- sardines, brown rice crackers (they ain’t that good), almonds.

Snack-  a delicious piece of salmon

Dinner: Yucca (thank god, I was hungry), cabbage in veggie broth and onions, walnuts and peppermint tea.

Observation:  I’m not happy.

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21 Days to Stop the Leaky Gut

I made a mistake.  I mentioned to my mother on the phone,  “I am tired all the time but I can’t sleep.”  Ten thousand questions followed (actually only 3) and I realized I have to clean out my tummy system.  I hate the phone.

“Are you eating late before you go to bed? Are you under a lot of stress?  You must look at your diet.  I hope you are staying away from those GMOs.  Are you drinking a  lot of wine?”

I had to wait, of course.  I had a championship party in my own kitchen,  a wine tasting to attend during a girlfriends weekend away, and I was just not ready.  I had to be totally sick and exhausted and disgusted with myself to start.

First of all, I didn’t really know where I wanted to start.  Second, I’m not starting a fast!  Third,  I know I can’t eat sugar or dairy, that’s a given but it makes me moody thinking about dry coffee.

Should I give up meat?  Meat for me means chicken.  I don’t eat cows just because I like cows. I don’t eat pigs either just because of the way I was raised.  Plus I needed to look into this whole gluten-free thing, which I didn’t even do.

Day 1

Start: kale, carrot and ginger juice / coffee & almond milk / a banana/ almonds

Observation: I snack a lot

Midday: Chipotle salad with black beans, extra guacamole, chicken, salsa /  raw nuts w/ raisins.

Observation: Chicken even grass-fed feels like cheating. Must remember I’m not on a diet.

Late Dinner:  Kale salad and avocado, salmon, brown rice cake (ate one just because I looked at the package to see if it was gluten-free and it was! Tasty too.

Dessert:  I decided to write on this Blog to get my mind off of things and I sipped some wine.

It was red!

AA would be considered a diet. I’m not on a diet.